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Feb 8, 2010

Super Super Bowl 2010

Anyone manage to stay awake to 4am last night (this morning?) I watched the first half but needed to sleep too much. At the time of leaving the Indianapolis Colts were leading 10 - 6 New Orleans Saints.  I was pretty sure the Colts had the game all wrapped up, they were playing fantastically well and the offense on both sides was great to watch; one of which was nearly the full length of the field.  So you can imagine my surprise when clocking in this morning and seeing that the Saints had won 31 - 17!

Trading today was good - felt under control and I patiently chose which races I wanted to get involved with and which ones I didn't understand. I made good notes to how the prices moved even if I wasn't getting involved and  was surprised how stable the prices are.  I think there is a bit of fear into the unknown and expect the prices to suddenly shoot out; this didn't happen - nearly always when the price did make significant moves today the market corrected and could be traded back for the same value a little while later.

If anything I was too conservative today, this showed in my turnover of a quite reduced £1,164.  But being selective did mean I had a 100% strike rate and a fairly respective 0.71% return on turnover.

Profit of £8.27 for today.


Paul said...

watched it last night instead - hard disk recorder and the FF button is a must for american sport! not so good for trading though... ;)

firedave said...

Hi Paul,

Absolutely, couldn't agree more, the amount of breaks is tiring in itself. I didn't trade this one thank goodness, as I read it entirely wrong; but then that's because my knowledge of American Football consists of about 3 games now!