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Feb 1, 2010

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National E.T. day today!  Well it sure might explain the weird goings on from Betfair (Their API is really not very stable) Fortunately I am using Bet Angel which allows me to connect via the website as well as the API when it is there.

Today was a pretty quiet day, Kempton being abandoned due to bad weather - also the only meet on today (Wolverhampton with its all weather track) showed poor liquidity at the start of the day due to the connection outages and it generally being a Monday.  Having said that, it was a pretty good day for me, eased in not expecting too much and taking the time to analyse the racecard. The 1550 with Riviera Chic and 1720 were the best picks of an otherwise scalpable day.  My target for the first month is between £5 - £15 a day for consistency (I do realise this isn't a lot of money for those reading from work, but it is the target so that it can be scaled up when the consistency is there.)

P/LAverage P/LReturn of Turnover (%)Strike Rate

Analysing todays results showed some good prospects - with the 1550 the best of the picks. The mistake to work on for tomorrow was greening up twice. This wasn't as silly as it sounds, but when you think you're all done you green up and move onto the next race.  I had accidentally backed a runner when flicking through the Guardian to view the days races, at this point I cleaned this up and greened up. When I then came to actually trade the race I did the same again.  This however didn't green the entire field up but only the second amount of trading which left a small loss on one runner (who then went on to win)  Nothing too much to worry about here and it will go down to experience that I won't let that happen again. :)


Anonymous said...

A good first day - keep it steady and you'll be looking at larger amounts in no time.


Halliday said...

Good news, especially after the 4am weekend boozing. Glad things are kicking off well, will continue my watching!


Anonymous said...

Have you tried the geeks toy yet? Similar thing to BetAngel but faster & free.

K said...

Well done David! I'm not quite sure what 'greening up' means' but it sounds real interesting. I think I'm going to learn a lot from your blog! :) Katie

firedave said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. Cheers for mentioning that on my blog Dan, now I'll just come over as an alcoholic!

I have got the geeks toy and am trialling it. However, not seeing many advantages over Bet Angel as I wouldn't agree it is any faster but it is free! Also coming from a software background, I know the difficulties in trying to learn a new software package. I was intrigued to see if it gave the option to custom make graphs - which it didn't and is something I am writing myself.

Katie - I'll probably do a posting on greening up at a later date but essentially it is the term used to lock in a guaranteed percentage of your trading efforts.