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Feb 10, 2010

Happy Carlisle

Receiving text messages last night I heard that Carlisle had made it through to the final of the Johnstone's Paint Trophy and will now face Southampton for the final after beating Leeds in penalties.  A couple of very happy friends indeed! :) The slight twist of today's trading was that Carlisle was the only cancelled racecard due to failing its inspection this morning.

I haven't given much background to what it is I am actually doing at the moment unless you already understand quite a bit of trading - I did make a post way back when I first set up the blog as to what trading is all about - Introduction which you can read to find out more on this.  I will be posting more with some pictures to give a better understanding and how the management of risk is far greater trading, opposed to leaving bets open and "gambling" in the true form of the word.

My run this morning was particularly good as I managed to get a couple of minutes closer to the old times I used to manage! This did have the rather annoying downside of making me feel particularly poor for the rest of the day.  Despite this I had another positive day where I was trying out a few different strategies in the market. Although what I tried today won't work in the long run, it did give me some fairly profitable trades today.


Jon said...

Wembley, Wembley - we're the blues Carlisle United and were going to Wembley!

Halliday said...

Look forward to hearing some more on the details of how you trade, and the basics of what is involved.

Matthew said...

Sounds like your skills are coming along. First round's on you tonight :)