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Feb 25, 2010

Meydan Racetrack

P&L: £6.37
Average P&L: £0.64

Another course off today; Ayr. Leaving the two racecards which limits the amount you can really get through the markets on a day.  The biggest thing for me is concentrating for the 4 hours whilst there are 20 minute breaks between them.  I had a good opening couple of trades and then disaster hit with a swing trade going against me. I cut my loss and took a -£5.11 on the race.  Staying calm and collected I tried really hard the next race and managed to make back a whopping £6.85. The effort really put me off though and was exhausted. I took a small breather and came back to end the day on £6.37.  This to me is my best trading day as it has compounded a good week so far but also the way I handled my losses and still ended the day positive.

Due to the lower number of races I nearly traded on one of the races at Meydan, Dubai. The liquidity is still very poor in these races but I don't think it will be long before these become part of the norm. The racetrack looks amazing as you can see with a pool on the top of the building!

Meydan - the new racecourse in town (well Dubai):
The biggest and most expensive track in history has taken 34 months and at least $1.25bn to build.
"It is just absolutely mind-boggling to see the size of it," Brown said. "Of course, there are always going to be a few teething problems but, as far as the racing goes, it's going to be tremendous."