Firedave trading Betfair with Bet Angel

Documenting my experiences with Bet Angel using BetFair. This will be used to record my progress as I take trading on full time.

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Feb 4, 2010

First Thursday

With the news of Portsmouth getting a new owner again this season I was feeling ready for a positive day.  Just on a side note Ferrari are looking pretty keen this year in training (I wanted to include a picture here of their car but couldn't afford it - or the car!) Look at Getty images for some rather good looking cars being tested.

The day was pretty good, taking little but often from a lot of the markets and handled the swing trades a little better - nothing to write home about and can/should be doing so.  Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated!
I left a position open on the Southwell 1630 which cost me £20 which rather spoilt the day. Followed with another loss then ended on a profit.  Much lower strike rate 68.75%, 10% of which could easily have been avoided, resetting my thoughts after the first mistake would have saved the day.  Strategy wise, much better - played to my strengths and didn't take any chances that weren't well covered.