Firedave trading Betfair with Bet Angel

Documenting my experiences with Bet Angel using BetFair. This will be used to record my progress as I take trading on full time.

Bet Angel - The most effective tool for Betfair

I couldn't believe my ears, Newcastle off for frost! Then seconds later Leicester followed suit too.  Down to cards on the day.  It did however leave some great opportunities at Lingfield all weather and Exeter too towards the end of the card.  Exeter from all accounts was a slog, with the ground ripping up after the first race and some tactical in play running meant some surprising results.

Today showed some steady scalping (more scalp opportunities than swing trading) which suits me a lot better and I finished the day with a 100% strike rate.  There was a race today that should've been a swing trade the 1340 at Lingfield - had a favourite priced at 1.8 called Arrys Orse who belongs to Harry Redknapp; fortunately enough for him it went on to win quite comfortable.  I had already decided not to trade this chap and was quite glad since there weren't any real trends emerging before the off.

Righted a lot of the wrongs from yesterday's trading. With the prices being a lot higher than yesterdays it meant that although I was getting a lot matched (more than yesterday) my turnover through the markets was nearly a grand less.  Today it worked out that I am using an average stake of £22 and yesterday £39 - so the difference in markets does show.

More of the same for tomorrow please!  Thanks to all those who have either left comments or sent me an email -  I do try and respond when not cramming for the next lot of trades!


Halliday said...

Sounds like good news so far, keep up the good work!

Matthew said...

Sounding good mate, keep the updates coming.

Clarence said...

Not sure I understand anything yet David - I will need a bit of a primer first but sounds good so far.