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Jun 21, 2010


What a start!  I was late back from work in the morning and my mate texted to check what side I was on the Federer match. At this point I'm thinking back to Nadal's exit at Queens...Surely "The Feds" can't be nearing being knocked out, AND why am I late to my computer?!

It wasn't that Federer was playing badly he was just against an in-form opponent. By the fifth set he had managed to tire Falla and was comfortable. By 2-0 in the fifth set you couldn't even get 1.01 on Federer.  The early backers would have been sweating a bit on this one.

Richard: What are Murray's chances? Well I'm thinking he's not going to do too well this year I'm afraid. I could be wrong, and really want to be. He looked out of sorts at Queens which he's normally pretty solid at. He's losing a lot of ATP points as he hasn't hit the form he had last year.  Having said that, if/when England get knocked out the country will be looking to him to perform (which is actually the way Murray prefers it).  It would be foolish to look past Nadal and now Federer getting through a tough opener to take the glory.

I'll be very interested in any other the comments! :)


Thom said...

Wimbledon is as wide as the period when Hewitt won a few grand slams except Samps and Agassi's career had ended and was waiting for the next wave, now the depth of the field is huge and it is American. Querry, Fish, Isner and Roddick all with genuine chances. The rest include Nadal and Feds obviously and Murray is the alternative. Look at it from the point of view of everyone that is not Murray having to play Murray; serving well is not enough and good luck with hitting him off the court. For me Feds is the favourite then the Americans and Murray, all with a better chance than Nadal.