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Jun 18, 2010

Super Soccer

What a day of soccer, uh football, so far! Germany will have to hold their tongue on England's current form if they're dropping points in their group, and missing a penalty...who would do that?!

With all the real focus being on Group C we wanted to see how the US would play against Slovenia to see what we could glisten from the performance. Well it turns out that we might have a match on when England faces Slovenia. When the USA pushed in the second half they started to get better chances and their 2-2 draw is probably fair. Slovenia's first half goals were very impressive though and I do feel a little sorry they couldn't hold onto the win.

England can take the fight to everyone else in the group tonight with a comfortable win against Algeria. Moyes has predicted a Rooney hat-trick and since he got the goal scorer and final score correct in the USA match I am feeling confident too!


javera said...

well... not really.

firedave said...

Poor...I couldn't watch the second half.

Richard said...

If you want some light relief then try and listen to the US commentary on the soccer. PK in the end-zone?! Pretty entertaining!

What are your thoughts on Wimbledon? Murray's year? He's pretty confident about his chances.

Price per Head said...

Totally agree. Excellent summary and thank you for sharing.