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Jun 2, 2010

Nadal Odds

I thought this was an interesting image - especially to those who have no idea about the amounts being traded on tennis matches. Nadal is obviously a very talented tennis player and clay court seems to be his preferred surface. This would put the odds in his favour massively - whilst I have been watching this match his price was in the 1.23 when he went 3-0 down in the first set. He rallied though and came back to win the set in the tie break. This image was taken a couple of games into the second set. There is 2.5 million pounds just waiting to be matched on the lay side and half a million on the back.  At this particular point there has been 10.5 million pounds matched so far. This is the most I've seen on a particular sport to date and I am normally wary of joining the back of £40k waiting but here there are instances where there is £400k - £600k that I have joined and been matched with quite comfortably.

Knowing a fair bit about the game of tennis too, I have found there are some sweet moves you can get.  I don't know whether this will work for all matches but I've found the price doesn't move horrendously like horse racing unless a big upset like the favourite dropping a set just happens. Even then it isn't unrecoverable. Scalping through the games seems a lot safer than any pre race trading I've done however the opportunities are far less frequent. I will definitely be getting involved in a few more games. Wimbledon and the world cup round the corner!