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Jun 23, 2010

Crunch Time

So, did they buckle or rise to the challenge? Will they be playing the 4-4-2 and will Gerrard be stuck on the left wing. Will Fabio insist on playing an out of form player above the leagues top goal-scorer for England. All the questions and more have been answered today, and although I can say I was not alone in thinking that the manager hasn't proved us wrong, the result is what matters at the end of the day.

Today is my girlfriends birthday, and we watched the match on the big screen in Newcastle.  The comments on the way in were along the lines of "Is that it?" and "You call that HD? More like HB!" which made me chuckle. Since it was a little difficult to make out the time on the screen this had been pre-empted by putting the screen next to the clock!  The atmosphere was very healthy and with the crowds packing in made for a great win to the last 16.  As things stand at the time of writing, we will be facing the Germans in the knock-out stage.  I think the team will be much more relaxed now they have made it through the group stages and it will be good to see where they can get to. No pressure England!

Just a quick look at Wimbledon, (I know, another tournament on at the same time as the World Cup!) bad light has stopped play when the score (in games) is 59-59! That is an obscene score! Bad light and fresh legs tomorrow could see more unbelievable scores being achieved!


Richard said...

59-59 was incredible. I watched the last 6 games and although the tall lad looked pretty tired the quality of tennis was still very high.

McEnroe's rant about it afterwards was very entertaining. He reckoned that's taken 6 months off their careers?! nonsense.