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Apr 12, 2010

US Masters

I enjoy watching the masters, and this year was no exception. If you managed to watch the final day's play as well you had a real treat. Hole's in one, plenty of eagles, and a near albatross were the order of the day.  I was really rooting for Lee Westwood to bring the green jacket back to England but it wasn't to be. Phil Mickelson was playing some remarkable golf. He definitely deserved the win.  I'm glad the level of golf was so high, to take away from what would've been a masters talked about just for Tiger Woods. After 5 months out, I was wondering why it hadn't affected his golf. His final day showed more signs of it, and he missed a couple of, easy for him, putts. Despite this, he still ended in fourth which just shows what a class player he is.

Trading today was good, despite making a mistake and not greening up a loss. This meant that naturally it went on to win and took the full loss. However, I had still made more on the day and ended positive.  


Marek said...

Good that you stayed positive!

I got back home pretty late yesterday, I had a small detour from your house, you see. Went to see kick-ass (it was great). But I thoroughly enjoyed the masters. Even though I was on a verge of just falling asleep in front of my telly.