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Mar 4, 2010

Super Thursday

Yesterday P&L: £10.72
Today P&L: £15.69
Yesterday Average P&L: £0.56
Today Average P&L: £0.92

Today has been nicknamed Super Thursday (not really sure why) but for me it certainly was.  The last two days I have felt much more on the ball and taking ticks when I can. I was happy with yesterdays progress after a hard Tuesday, but then today I really pushed on to make over my target.  An interesting milestone was hit today - with my comparatively small bank of £1000 I have managed to turn this through the market several times and today I have a turnover of over £75,000.  This really does make the saying "Turnover for vanity, profit for sanity" true as my profit overall is still negative!

Please continue to vote for my design on the A new look for a new month posting. Thank you all for your kind comments so far - it really does mean a lot to me. I've been adding the social bookmarking links to the posts so you can tag the posts you enjoy reading. I have been working on a new post which will be discussing ticks in some depth.  I have a few more topics planned that I will discuss, but if you have any particular requests to do with trading then I will take a look at doing these as well.


Richard said...

75k?! Congratulations!

The penny has just dropped slightly on how this works! It sounds like you are getting along well at the moment.

Good luck tomorrow. Maybe it will be fantastic friday?