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Mar 1, 2010

Harry Challenor

P&L: £10.78
Average P&L: £0.67

I was in two minds as to whether to increase stakes this week and decided against it. My reasoning being that I would like to back last weeks performance up with another solid week.  The first race I struggled to read and stayed out of it, from then on things looked good - I could see the trends and dip in and out with a small profit. A good strike rate and a pleasing performance.  My aim this week is to keep hitting the £10 mark and if possible push it towards the £15.  This will really help when it comes to slowly increasing the stakes.

Harry Challenor came in to win on the back of Portrait Royale today when all the favourites fell (nearly taking him too)  I don't think he is a relative but there aren't that many Challeners!


Halliday said...

Hey David, likiing the new skin for the blog! People can tell you are a pro trader now!

Sounds like a sensible decision on the stakes. I can get the booze in this thursday, maybe for the last time, before you are rolling in riches.