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Mar 5, 2010

Fabulous Friday?

P&L: £23.68
Average P&L: £1.48

Certainly was for me - a very happy P&L for the day and my highest average P&L. All I need to do is keep this level of intensity up for future races. There were a couple of reminders today where I was getting very close to races going in play with one actually going but greening up straight away. When this happens it still manages to give me a mild heart attack which is enough of a reminder for me to keep an eye on the clock for the rest of the day. A few of the races today really benefited from being proactive and having orders lined up ready to be taken when the price looked to be swinging back in again. 

I thought this race really showed how these markets differ from the stock market and have to keep a book. This means that the price of each runner in total can't go to far beyond 100%. In this picture you can see the green and blue doing opposites and the orange and red reflecting their prices.

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Paul said...

good stuff! On the up then :)

firedave said...

Fingers crossed! Would like a couple of solid months before counting my chickens but I'm much happier with my performance of late.

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