Firedave trading Betfair with Bet Angel

Documenting my experiences with Bet Angel using BetFair. This will be used to record my progress as I take trading on full time.

Bet Angel - The most effective tool for Betfair

P&L: £5.04
Average P&L: £0.39

A much harder day today for some reason. The markets were more difficult to read - I am very happy with this P&L though as I found myself in some sticky situations that I took on and managed to save all but one which was a 62 pence lost.  If I hadn't changed direction and saved some of the markets today it would've been a small loss. Slight amend here - due to Prince Charlemagne messing up the start of the last race I didn't make the final 20 pence of the day!

The more astute of you may have noticed that the blog has undergone a rather dramatic face lift. I was getting a bit bored of the blue and green default template and wanted something to better reflect the blog's content.  This was quite a fun exercise and quite a lot of little issues crop up that I hadn't even thought about.  One of the nearly awesome things Blogger allows you to do is host your pictures through Picasa. This is how the images in the blog postings are hosted so that the average user doesn't require additional hosting and an FTP client to just add a picture to their website.  This can be taken quite a bit further as I have done with the blog to also host the top image and smaller images to make the blog look better than just some cobbled together CSS.  The slight downside with this is that Picasa has a limit of 800 pixels for their images to be hot linked to. This meant that I had to be a bit creative with the 1000 pixel banner at the top of the blog! I'm unaware of the bandwidth limits - but I am fairly sure I won't be near them just yet.  However, if you notice the images not showing up please let me know.

Comments, improvements, and any issues are more than welcome.

Do you like the new look and feel of Firedave trading Betfair blog?


Jon said...

The red is hard to read over the banner at the top... other than that its lovely!

Well done with another profit day!

firedave said...

Cheers Jon,
Suggestions on any other colours? I've been playing about with it for ages that it all looks OK now! :)

Edgehunters said...

Hi Dave

The Red may work if you have a bigger and bolder font.

hope this helps


firedave said...

I've made the red text slightly more bold now - if I go up one more it looks pretty bad. Is this any better? If not I will consider a change of font that might show up a bit better.

Richard said...

Hi there,

I like your blog. Not sure I fully understand the trading but it's starting to make sense.

I'm not sure why racing is an easy market though. Wouldn't something with two competitors, football or tennis for example, be an easier place to start?

Why does the average P+L not change with the daily P+L?

New website good although work filters block some of the content at the side.

firedave said...

Hi Richard,
Thank you! I'm slowly writing detailed blog postings on what trading actually is and how I am trying to do it. Along with technical terms and how it differs from conventional gambling (punting)

The average P&L is my total P&L of the day over the number of races I traded and should change with the daily P&L. It is effectively saying how much I am making per race on average.

You are right, racing isn't easy. There are a few reasons I am trading horse racing though. They are frequent, short and have good enough liquidity to trade. This means that there is good enough charts and trends to follow. Tennis and football are easier to trade but are longer and less frequent. There are plenty of traders who just do these markets but I haven't learned yet and would rather add those markets to my bow later on!

Your work filters are probably blocking the flash for the spinning ball on the right, you're not missing anything too drastic though! :P